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Guzzy Goofball


When Guzman Guferntible, aka 10-year-old Guzzy Goofball, finds himself drafted into the role of Prince Charming in a summer production of Sleeping Beauty, he longs to avoid any major blunders. Now Guzzy must overcome not only stage fright, but his mom’s enthusiasm, the torment of his 3-year-old twin brothers, and the possibility of kissing Sleeping Beauty. This he manages by bringing the house down on his co-stars heads and learning how to star as himself.


A word from Guzzy:
I like summer. What kid doesn’t? But inevitably my mom gets some crazy idea that I need to be doing something constructive.


That’s what destroyed a perfectly good week in July. My mom and Mrs. Bartle ganged up on Shriek and me and convinced us we’d love some time with kids our age and away from our homeschools. We’d be in a drama co-op, no less, with other fourth to sixth graders.


OK, that was bad enough. But when I show up to discover I’m one of two guys amid a bunch of cackling girls… And they decide to put on a production of Sleeping Beauty and draft yours truly, Guzzy Guferntible, into the role of Prince Charming. Me, on stage, armed with a plastic sword? If that’s not a recipe for disaster, I don’t know what is.